BrainTrust is a low-cost peer tutoring service offered through the Commerce Society. We are the Commerce Program’s primary source of academic support, providing one-to-one tutoring and exam review sessions for students in the Bachelor of Commerce program.

Tutoring is offered in a variety of courses for both first and second year studies. With guidance from the commerce program’s administration and faculty, BrainTrust’s team of tutors guide students through additional explanation and on topics covered in lectures. The tutors gain a rewarding experience by helping the Queen’s Commerce community in a direct and meaningful way while developing their leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.

BrainTrust will be expanding our services to offering office-hour style exam prep sessions. Students will be provided with a relaxed environment to study in close proximity with expert tutors in their first year quantitative courses in the days leading up to their final exams.





BrainTrust uses Tilt to collect money from students looking to be tutored, so you don't have to worry about paying in person, or paying with cash! Please purchase your required amount of tutoring hours before booking a tutoring appointment, otherwise the session will not be approved. To reach our Tilt link, please click the word Tilt in the menu bar. Be sure to check back on our website whenever trying to access our Tilts, as the link you previously used may be expired. We have to create new ones every so often to accommodate for the high volume!